Friday, September 16, 2011

Phase 2 Spotlight: Stephen Dillard

I figured it was time to liven up the blog, ever so often... I will post an interview with a member of the Phase 2 Crew

Fez: Thank you for taking some of your time to chat with me about Star Trek in general.... First tell the readers who you are and what you do as your "day job".

SD: I've done radio for the past 30 years. My air name is Scott Bohannon, but friends and family know me by my real name: Stephen Dillard. I've been a guitarist, Air Talent, Program Director and current morning show producer for “The Free Beer and Hot Wings show” on “943 The X” Knoxville. (

Fez: What is your connection to Star Trek? and how has it affected your life?

SD: Being a child of the 60's, how can I answer that question without writing a book? In 2nd grade all we talked about was Trek. My Dad made plywood Phasers and Communicators and we played Trek during recess. I was Spock by the way – had the largest ears.

Fez: How did you first hear of Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase 2?

SD: Our radio station had a policy not to use sirens in commercials. I had the idea if we could find a phaser sound from TNG and work audio magic, we could get the same perception without making drivers nervous. We did a Google search: “Star Trek New Phaser Sound” but typed “Star Trek N”. Up came “Star Trek New Voyages”. After seeing “In Harm's Way” I was hooked.

Fez: What do you think of the quality of the writing and the episodes themselves?

SD: The best Trek has always been about story. It's the reason STP2 holds up so well. STP2 truly IS the next 5 year journey.

Fez: Have you worked on an episode, and if so... what episode and what have you done there...

SD: I came to simply help any way I could on the "Mindsifter" production. Thanks to John Carrigan's thoughts on what Kargh's office should have and James' spur of the moment asking, I was lucky to play a Klingon Guard. I also did some “Bridge Chatter” for “Origins”, some small audio recording, grip, and bathroom toilet paper changing on “Mindsifter”.

Fez: In your own words, how would you describe both the atmosphere on set and the realization of a dream that many dream but few can say they have experienced

SD: 18 hour days, no sleep, no pay: how can I best say this.....FUN AS S**T. When I first walked into the green room in Port Henry it felt like home. When you read on the forum at people you're a part of “the family”, it's true. I was only there for the first ½ of a two week shoot and I'm doing this interview with Fez. I feel a part of the “STP2 Family“. All the staff took great care getting the shots perfect. I will say that damn transporter set needs some A/C. :-)

Fez: And you are right you are apart of the family... Any other thoughts you'd like to share with our readers?

SD: I'm privileged working with and knowing everybody that's a part of STP2. I was lucky to be on camera, but there are so many people that make this a part of real Star Trek history (too many to mention here). They're the true stars.

On a side note; I believe (I'm sure I'll hear about this on the forum) I'm the only other actor to play a bald Klingon besides Chris Plummer. :-)

We spent a long night (2am) watching a print of “The Child” and “Kitumba”. I wish you all could have been in that was EPIC.

--------------END TRANSMISSION----------------------

I wanna thank, Stephan Dillard for answering a few questions, and you the readers for keep on reading...

Until next time my fellow Trekkies and others, Live Long and Prosper

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Introspective: Fez talking about the Final Frontier and the Fez

By the way I am sorry it took me so long to post, Like with Phase 2 my regular life got
a hold of me for a month so hopefully I can make go away for a while. I should start this by saying that without a select few for encouraging me to talk about my perspective on Star Trek and Phase 2, and having the confidence in me to get done on set what needed to be done... You all know who you are, you have my thanks as I have told you before.

On my journey to the Final Frontier, something I have been doing for the last three years... I have become part of a group that I know understands where I am coming from, at least most of the time. I remember the first time like it was yesterday... June 2009, "Kitumba"
I had to ride with my parents because we all were not sure exactly where the studio was going to be... I have to admit I was nervous, these people have made half a dozen episodes already, and probably know more trek then I could ever know... I soon found my niche and got comfortable, due in small part that I was part of G&E, under the Gaffer Ironmaiden guy and the Key Grip Kent (the tie-dye guy).

It was a long grueling shoot, but it was fun... even when we had some injuries (no grips or future scripties were killed at this shoot). I come away with some great friends all of whom I keep in contact with for the most part.

The next shoot I was at was "Origins" or "The Protracted Man" shoot, where one of the writers from TOS was there: David Gerrold. The writer of "The Trouble with Tribbles", was sitting next to me for most of the shoot as I had changed over from a grip to a PA (Production Assistant) and many other jobs subsequent to that. but otherwise was a "tame" shoot.

The latest round of Trek at least for me was this summer, where I had the true pleasure of working on a classic story of Star Trek and one that I think would stand up to the likes of "City on the Edge of Forever"... and that of course is "Mind-sifter", I personally was unaware that it was a famous Fan Fiction story before it was turned into the Marvelous script thanks to Shirley Maiewski (the original author) and Patty Wright who adapted it into a teleplay for our show. It was during this shoot, that I was again transferred to another postion, one that many would agree that one day I will be excellent at... Script Supervisor or Scriptie

Note: I have obtained proof that the Script Supervisor for most of the Original Trek was a man

Well, armed with 2 TOS canon books for reference, all of the episodes and movies, the script and a bunch of Trek fans... I and the crew for this episode survived part one. One of my duties was to work closely with the DP (Director of Photography) Matt Bucy, The Director Mark Burchett and the Line Producer who shall remain nameless. We would discuss what was to be done that day and for the shoot. Some of the duties I had were to find what props were to be in each scene, a study of episodes to determine what props and colors were in certain character's quarters, table read with the actors, feeding them lines they forget while we film (hey were only human, most of us) and of course taking notes while we film... Big job I know... but someone has to do it.

I do have to give a shout out to two remarkable crew members that opened up their home to the crew for the first RFS (Retro Film Studios) BBQ... Thank you so much Denise and Tony D.

All and All my experiences with this set of people has been amazing, I finally have a second family... One that I can always come back to and understand. These people are some of the nicest and kindest humans I have ever met and 2 Vulcans. Hopefully, I can get another blog post out this week. Until then, "Live Long and Prosper"