Friday, October 12, 2012

A day with the Mouse... Bill Lutz

Bill Lutz (Mouse)

Today I am proud to have an interview with my friend Bill Lutz, also known on the Phase II sets as "Mouse"... ZORT!

1. What is it that you both do for your “day job", if you can talk about it
I work 2 jobs right now:
1) I work security and computers at a pharmaceutical company, I’m the ‘in-house’ IT guy
2) I wait tables / bartend on weekends

2. What is your earliest Star Trek memory?
Screaming my head off when I first saw the ‘scary’ Balok from ‘The Corbomite Maneuver.’ I was two years ago and was already watching Star Trek

3. How did you first hear of Star Trek: Phase 2?

I was web surfing about star trek and found the site, it was unique and different, and so I joined the site and have been with P2 since.

The Enterprise and The Eagle from "Enemy: Starfleet!"
4. How has your appreciation for Star Trek changed now that you have been on the set for Phase 2?
 Yes, it has. If anything, the devotion to Star Trek has gotten much more personal and enjoyable. I’m actually making part of a Star trek episode with the pros and fellow fans.

4. What was your role/job at this Production? And did you do more then that duty?
I am the Digital Ingest Dept Mgnr / Lead and the on-site editor for the production. Basically it means I organize and process the shot film into a hard drive and I try to get a work print of the episode organized ready to  I’ve also done other things as well:
-set photography, -camera operator, -sound / boom operator, -transportation, -construction, -G&E
A page from "Star Trek Phase II: Illustrated"

5. What was it like for you to be with the most passionate fan base in quite frankly the galaxy? And did you feel intimidated  
It’s great and it feels right. When I first came aboard I was intimidated, not anymore. In fact, I relish the chance to get back up to make an episode.

6. What is your favorite memory of being on set or just hanging around with the crew?
It was seeing the bridge for the first time and the bonfires at the camps, the people working together. Hanging with the crew is like hanging with family, and it’s a great feeling to have when working with the cast and crew.

7. In your own words, how would you describe both the atmosphere on set and Is it really a "family" as some people have described it? 
It IS a family.
Its tense, excited, crazy, hard work, stressful, annoying, sad, happy. All the emotions are in play. Heck yeah, isn’t THAT a family?

8. How Long have you and Glenn been working on Star Trek Phase 2 Illustrated, and how long do you think you can keep it going
Since the Star Trek Magazine came out a few years ago. And we will keep going until the interest peaks out. Glenn has quite a number of ST stories to tell so we’re gonna be around for some time with P2 Illustrated.

9. What are Omniverse’s other titles that we can look forward to in the future?
The Realm
Legend of the Khi-Mara
Mars Vs. Earth
The Return of the Frontiersmen

From "Pathways"
10. Which Captain would you choose to command your ship…. Pike, Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway or Archer
Captain Brain and FO Pinky, of course

11. Any other thoughts you'd like to share with our readers? If you'd like to promote something you are in or are interested in here. Or maybe a message to the fans and readers of the blog.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

An update on Phase II

"Friends, I've been reviewing the footage of our episodes that you are waiting for and all three episodes require some additional footage to be shot in order for us to finish and release them. I've decided that it would simply be irresponsible to start filming another episode at this time while we have three episodes that still need footage. So we are going to put off filming "Troublesome Minds" for the time being and devote our fall 2012 shoot to picking up the footage needed to finish "Kitumba", "The Protracted Man" and "Bread and Savagery". With everything I plan to accomplish this fall our fans can look forward to exciting things from Phase II in 2013!

We can still use more folks to help with both the fall shoot (10/31-11/10) and our fun and terrifying Haunted Penfield event (10/26-28). You won't regret joining us! Go ahead and email to add your name and get details!"- Executive Producer James Cawley

With this in mind... Phase II would like your help to finish these three episodes: "Kitumba", "The Protracted Man" and "Bread and Savagery". if you cannot donate your time and help out in person, I encourage you to donate what you can to the Phase II Indiegogo for the November pick-up shoot

I hope you all continue to watch Star Trek: Phase II and read the blog... there are some interesting things upcoming, and hopefully I see some of you at a shoot soon, until then Lieutenant Uhura close hailing frequencies.