Monday, October 8, 2012

An update on Phase II

"Friends, I've been reviewing the footage of our episodes that you are waiting for and all three episodes require some additional footage to be shot in order for us to finish and release them. I've decided that it would simply be irresponsible to start filming another episode at this time while we have three episodes that still need footage. So we are going to put off filming "Troublesome Minds" for the time being and devote our fall 2012 shoot to picking up the footage needed to finish "Kitumba", "The Protracted Man" and "Bread and Savagery". With everything I plan to accomplish this fall our fans can look forward to exciting things from Phase II in 2013!

We can still use more folks to help with both the fall shoot (10/31-11/10) and our fun and terrifying Haunted Penfield event (10/26-28). You won't regret joining us! Go ahead and email to add your name and get details!"- Executive Producer James Cawley

With this in mind... Phase II would like your help to finish these three episodes: "Kitumba", "The Protracted Man" and "Bread and Savagery". if you cannot donate your time and help out in person, I encourage you to donate what you can to the Phase II Indiegogo for the November pick-up shoot

I hope you all continue to watch Star Trek: Phase II and read the blog... there are some interesting things upcoming, and hopefully I see some of you at a shoot soon, until then Lieutenant Uhura close hailing frequencies.



  1. I am a filmmaker in Northern Michigan. What kind of assistance is needed for your fall shoot (10/31-11/10)?

  2. Your best bet is to contact the producers either through the contact link on the Main Phase 2 webpage or by emailing them at phase2.volunteer(at) Since I do not have any specific knowledge as to whats needed for the shoot except the ongoing Indiegogo campaign