Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Beginning

Hey Everyone,

My name is Jaime, you can call me Fez and on my off time I both watch and help make Classic Star Trek. Where do I do this you ask? Well I have been for the last couple of years working on Star Trek: Phase 2, where I have met some of the most amazing and most knowledgeable people on Star Trek.

Here you will get my interpretation on TOS and how we at Phase 2 try to make our episodes look like Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek and not JJ Abrams Star Trek.


  1. I look forward to these pages!

  2. During this last shoot, I got to work on set for a few hours (trained by Jamie!) which was an awesome experience.
    What impressed me most was glancing at the director's monitor and saying "Oh look, classic Trek!" and then realizing it was a live view of the room I was in.
    Walking around the set is surreal because you simultaneously see the familiar rooms etc of the show, yet you know you are on a film set since there's large pieces of equipment and other behind the scenes stuff every time you turn around. Looking at the monitor, it's eerie just how exactly the "look" of Classic Trek is reproduced.