Friday, August 5, 2011

Hikaru Sulu

George Takei famously inhabited the role of Lt. Sulu on the original series. Sulu was to portray all of the Asian continent on the bridge of the Enterprise. George recalled how Sulu got his name, he was in Gene's (Roddenberry) office and Gene looked at a map and said "Ah, the waters of that sea touch all shores" referring to the Sulu sea. He did not want a country specific name, so Thanks to Gene for Sulu

Sulu was one of the four characters that survived the 2nd pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before", in that episode he was an Astro-scientist. Following this he was transferred to the helm where he would spend the rest of the original show and 5 of the feature films. Sulu himself was an expository character, however he did have some moments in TOS, most notably sword fighting in "The Naked Time", his plants in the "The Man Trap" and his affection of antique firearms in "Shore Leave". Unfortunately, because of the dynamic of the show we did not get to see a lot of Sulu's character.

No matter what George Takei has given his best to the role of Hikaru Sulu, so I think it is only fitting that we take about an episode all about that character. "World Enough and Time" (Star Trek: New Voyages) was a Sulu episode where he is aged 30 years after a mission to a Romulan vessel and beamed back on board the Enterprise in actuality 30 seconds after the mission. I personally thought George was great taking on the persona of this "alternate" Sulu, and filled in a little more of that character that we otherwise didn't know a lot about.

Star Trek: New Voyages

Sulu did not appear in the first episode "In Harm's Way", but when he appeared in the vignette "Center Seat", he not only had a promotion to Lieutenant Commander but another actor was portraying him... John Lim. As Sulu he was apart of 2 episodes and the vignette, and did a great job of bringing some of the spirt that Chekov and Sulu had, the first episode "To Serve All My Days" playing off of Walter Koenig, and in "World Enough and Time" off of Andy Bray. Personally would have liked to see him continue on and grow more into the role, but that is as they say is that.

Star Trek: Phase II

Again when we came back with "Blood and Fire, Part 2" there was another Sulu. Now some of you may ask where was he in "Blood and Fire", well if you look before Uhura talks to the crewmen about "Risk is what we do" line, she is talking to the new Sulu (JT Tepnapa). For those of you Hidden Frontier fans, JT was Corey Aster and played opposite of another Phase 2 cast member Bobby Rice.

For his real debut in "Enemy: Starfleet!", he did all the little things that makes Sulu well, but wasn't in enough of the episode so I could give you my final conclusion on his performance. Look for an updated on this post when "The Child" written and directed Jon Povill, which has a bit more Sulu in it.

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