Sunday, October 9, 2011

STP2: "No Win Scenario"

Vignette 2: "No Win Scenario"
Air date: October 8, 2011
Written By: Erik Korngold
Directed By: Erik Goodrich

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Originally thought lost but due to a select group of people, this vignette was made possible and was given to James Cawley as a gift for his birthday by John Carrigan (who plays Kargh) during the Mindsifter Shoot in June 2011.

This vignette was originally filmed in 2005 between "In Harm's Way" and "To Serve All My Days"... Beginning with a campfire, Le'ak (played by Anne Carrigan) discusses battle plans with other Klingons, a Tellerite spy and a cloaked eavesdropper. This opus is about Kargh telling the story of how he beat the Klingon version of the Kobayashi Maru, Kirk being pitted up against 4 Klingon D-7 cruisers commanded by: Kang, Kor, Koloth and Kargh. Kargh is the only one who beats this test (as Kirk defeated his), as the eavesdropper leaves he salutes Kargh's bravery in the simulation. It is Kirk, he contacts the Enterprise asking if they got the Klingons plans, before he leaves the planet he leaves a "gift" for the prisoner at his feet.

This is an astonishing look back at what Star Trek New Voyages was and to what Star Trek Phase 2 has become. As such you will notice that Spock is played by Jeff Quinn, Uhura is played by Julienne Irons and Chekov is played by Andy Bray

The truly amazing part of the release of this vignette was the dedication by John Carrigan and his team to track down the lost footage and shoot pick-ups where possible without people knowing about it and doing a bang up job in Post-Production with effects lead by Pony Horton and Tobias Richter.

My personal opinion: This is a great little short that gives us a little more background on the Kirk/Kargh conflict... And it is also a testament to the steadfastness of the Phase 2 production, in delivering this particular short and in other episodes such as "Enemy: Starfleet!"

Thank you John and Anne Carrigan, Pony Horton, Tobias Richter and anyone I did not mention that helped bring this story back from Sto Vo Kor.

Until next time readers, Live Long and Prosper and keep looking for updates on Star Trek Phase 2 and this blog coming soon.

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