Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Small update on Star Trek Phase 2 but BIG NEWS

The next episode to be released is "The Child" written and directed by Jon Povill, the Teaser and Act 1 can be seen now on youtube, the rest of the episode will be released hopefully in short order but from what I have seen it looks very good. Release date: April 5, 2012 at 5:01 pm EST or 17:01 EST

--edited 02/26/2012---Some Good news from James Cawley on facebook about "Kitumba" written by John Meredith Lucas Teleplay by Patty Wright..."Spent almost 7 hours today re-building the edit timeline for "Kitumba"! The good news is I have Act One finished and identified the missing footage that needs to be re-shot! I am looking forward to shooting the re-cast scenes as I know that they will be so much better! If all goes well this episode will be out the door later this spring. Plans are being made to grab the new scenes next month. Sometimes when roadblocks are thrown at you, it makes you all the more determined to drive right thru them!"

"Origins" or "The Protracted Man" written and directed by David Gerrold, is in post-production

"Mind-sifter" written by Patty Wright is awaiting the Second shoot for the rest of Principle Photography and is in Post-Production

"Bread and Savagery" written by Rick Chambers, is in Pre-Production for a shoot in June, the 16th- 30th


Norman Spinrad writer of the TOS episode "The Doomsday Machine", had a script that was not produced for Star Trek, as it was re-written as a comedy, the original script was thought lost until now, and James Cawley and those at Retro Films Studios are going to produce that episode entitled "He Walked Among Us" which Mr. Spinrad has agreed to direct. This episode is in Pre-Production for a shoot at some point.

Until then....
Help out with the production by either donating your time at a shoot (the 'Bread and Savagery' shoot) by contacting the production at the contact us button on the main website or if you cannot attend donate a small amount of money to the Production at the website at the moment only click on the top two buttons for the expenses, the sets and the studio expenses or the server/bandwidth expenses.

Look for the review of the next episode I do... "The Doomsday Machine" in honor of Norman Spinrad coming to Star Trek Phase 2...Coming soon

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  1. "He Walked Among Us" has been shelved due to CBS asking Phase 2 not to produce it, in its stead David Gerrold is working on a script that involves something fuzzzy, stay tuned