Friday, August 5, 2011

Dr. Leonard McCoy

In Memory of DeForest Kelley (1920-1999)

De Kelley was a gentleman, and a great actor. What many people do not know is the De was actually offered the role of Spock, he turned that down and the rest as they say is history. McCoy was not in either of the pilots

McCoy debuted with the series in the episode "The Man Trap", which was a McCoy centric episode. Dr. McCoy was supposed to be like Scott and the rest of the main cast, playing small for Kirk and Spock. However, some chemistry happened when you had Kirk, Spock and McCoy together and as a result the show took off for its 3 season run. Despite the ratings.

"Bones" his nickname given to him by Jim Kirk, is a play on sawbones, which is what they called physicians especially surgeons. As apart of the trio, McCoy was the emotion the human side of the equation. ----By the way, in several episodes you'll notice that not only is McCoy drinking on duty but he has booze everywhere-----

One thing I have always wanted to explore is McCoy's family, as many Star Trek fans know D.C. Fontana wrote "Way to Eden", originally titled "Joanna" to introduce a family member of McCoy's to the Star Trek mythos. It actually was proposed twice once in the Second season and once in the Third.

De Kelley played Dr. Leonard H. McCoy in 76 episodes of the Original Series, all 22 episodes of the Animated Series, A cameo on Star Trek: The Next Generation, 1 episodes of Deep Space Nine and 6 feature films.

Where ever you are: I hope you a blissful.

Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II

Those of you who have followed Phase 2 know that the man that has been portraying Dr. McCoy is a Doctor in his own right... John Kelley, no relation to DeForest Kelley. Like most of the actors that came to Phase 2, he tried to somewhat emulate De Kelley's performance.

As the episodes rolled on, Doc John as he was referred to on set, found what worked for him in playing McCoy. He Has played the role since the pilot "Come What May", and his best performace was in "Enemy: Starfleet!" both in the briefing room scene and in sickbay talking with Chekov and Peter Kirk.

Personally, I cannot wait to see what the performances are like in future episodes. Because in each finished product it gets better.

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  1. I think he truly came into the role in "Kitumba". I know people haven't had the chance to see it yet - but I think Doc John is as his best in it. He truly IS McCoy.