Friday, August 5, 2011

Mr. Spock

Leonard Nimoy's life was completely turned around when he took on the role of the half human/half Vulcan Science officer... Spock. Mr. Spock is the only character to survive both the first and second pilots of the show and made it into the series.

The first pilot: "The Cage", we saw a more emotional Vulcan, even seeing him smiling during the episode, and did not have the notable veneer of logic and control we have noted and seen in the rest of the series. The network ordered another pilot, where the character of "Number One" played by Majel Barrett, who later went on to play Nurse Christine Chapel, was scrapped and the stoic nature of the character was placed into the alien Mr. Spock.

With the second pilot: "Where no Man Has Gone Before", came another Captain... a man that Mr. Spock would have a bond for the rest of the series run. The chemistry between Nimoy and Shatner (Kirk) was un-mistakable. But into the series, another character was added. Part of the drive of the series was due to the interaction of Mr. Spock (Logic) and Dr. McCoy (humanity), and their rather cantankerous friendship.

I think Spock said it best when describing Vulcans to his younger self in "Yesteryear", "What do you do not yet understand, Spock... Is that Vulcans do not lack emotion, it is only that ours is controlled. Logic offers a serenity humans seldom experience in full. We have emotions but we deal with them and do not let them control us."

Spock to many of us Star Trek fans is the most relatable character out of all the main characters. Although many of us want to play Kirk or even Scott, we all have been the outsider at one point or another. Spock is that window into the human condition that many of us have experienced or feel.

Leonard Nimoy has played Spock in every episode of The Original Series and Animated Series, The two-part episode "Unification" of Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Trials and Tribble-ations" episode of Deep Space 9, and 7 of the Feature films.

Star Trek: New Voyages
When this fan production started in an undisclosed location, the role of Commander Spock, was portrayed by Jeff Quinn, who also had a cameo in Star Trek (2009) as a Vulcan. Jeff played Spock for 3 episodes and the pilot. He was in his portrayal very true to the portrayal of Spock that Leonard Nimoy. Although many have complained about these actors not looking like Spock, Jeff was a very good successor to the ears. His best performance was in "World Enough and Time", feeling along with Sulu as he mind melded with him

Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II
The next person to dawn the ears was professional actor, Ben Tolpin. He came to the production and played Spock in the two-part episode "Blood and Fire", he later directed "Enemy: Starfleet!". While he looked like Nimoy some-what, at times he was good. An Example of this is his delivery of the line about the Vulcan death grip.

Star Trek: Phase II
Yeah I know A LOT of Spocks, but the man who dawns the ears now is an amazing person and is great in the role of Spock. James Cawley met his new Spock on the set of Star Trek (2009), where this person was the stand-in for Zachary Quinto who played Spock in that movie. Brandon Stacy, made his debut as Spock for Phase II in "Enemy: Starfleet!", based on this performance, he is the best Spock yet. His candence and his mannerisms are Spock. More of his work as Spock is coming in "The Child", and speaking as someone who has seen him work on the set... these new episodes are something to see in part of Brandon as Spock...

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  1. As a very emotional person, it always surprised me how many of my friends wanted to emulate a Vulcan, or dress up as one for conventions and parties.