Monday, August 6, 2012

"Going Boldly...."

"Going Boldly"

Release date: August 06, 2012
Writer: Dave Galanter
Stardate: Unknown (None given)

Watch it here

This short film starts with a tribute to five lost souls, two real life Phase 2 crewmembers and 3 fictional characters in the series:

Commander Anthony DeGregorio: was our Art Director for Star Trek: Phase 2

Lieutenant John Olson: A real person who was part of the Grip & Electric team at Phase 2

Lt. R.L. Dickerson: A fictional character who was chief of security in the TOS episode "The Savage Curtain" and killed in the opening sequence of "Enemy: Starfleet!"

Lt. Mikhail Hodel (played by Nick Cook): A fictional character who was an engineer and eaten by bloodworms in "Blood and Fire, Part One"

Lt. Alexander Freeman (played by Evan Fowler): A fictional character who was the medical technician and boyfriend of Ensign Peter Kirk in "Blood and Fire, Part Two"

This vignette is the first appearance of Brian Gross as our new James T. Kirk, Jasmine Pierce as Lieutenant Uhura, Wayne W. Johnson as Ensign Dawson Walking Bear and finally Chris Doohan as the voice of Lieutenant Arex from the Animated Series. The newly refitted USS Enterprise as it leaves Space dock makes her debut as well

Making appearances in this short are: John Kelly who again inhabits Dr. Leonard McCoy, Brandon Stacey as Mr. Spock, Charles Root as Engineer Scott, Jonathan Zungre as Lieutenant Chekov, Alec Peters as Captain Garth, Robert Withrow as Admiral Withrow, and Clay Sayre as The Troyian Assistant

This was an emotionally charged shoot and vignette to shoot, as we were in a way commemorating the losses of our fallen family, the tears you see on the screen and the ones you couldn't see were all real. I was there in front of the camera and behind it, there was not a dry eye in the place. I think that we honored them in the way they would have liked, where we all feel safe on the starship Enterprise.

It's hard to go through life knowing that in time, the people you have met... although you feel that they will be there forever, one day they will be gone. This truly is a family, and even though we do not often see each other except at these yearly events we are family in every way that counts: we care for each other, we fight with each other, we laugh with each other, we mourn with each other.

My review: Well, The sets were amazing as usual and I have to give major props to Rob Mauro, Kent Schmidt and the entire G&E team for some awesome TOS lighting even some re-lighting to blend in with a shot not done for this vignette (no I will not tell you where it is). The performances were heart-felt, as it was many of the P2 crew reacting to our lost family. Some people have complained about Spock emoting too much, and I say why not? Spock is half-human and the conflict between his halves have been a source of many episodes. Brandon has continued to impress in each of his performances in the role and this was no different. It was great to see Doc John back as Dr. McCoy he really plays well with Brandon and the Spock/McCoy dynamic. Brian Gross, shows a lot of promise as the new Captain Kirk, having worked with him on set you will be pleasantly surprised when you get to see him in full action when "Bread and Savagery" comes out.

These effects were amazing, a BIG THANK YOU! and shout out to Tobias Richter and all the other visual effects artists that worked on all the green screen, Exterior VFX, Lieutenant Arex shots. The old girl looks amazing.

The pacing could have been better, but I understand the importance of each person getting their moment to grieve... Although, this was a somber vignette... I think it is important to remember that James and Company along with Captain Kirk and his crew always continue to "Go Boldly", into the unknown and explore it. So Thank you all so much for everything that you all do.

And the Adventure Continues...


  1. We said it when we were shooting it this is for US and if the episode has to be a little off to the general public so be it!!!!
    It was for TONY and John it was our way of saying goodbye in a fitting tribute to live forever in cyberspace I dont care if people think its slow this was OUR time

  2. Agree completely! This was for US I hope Tony and John were looking down on this fondly. Great article, Fez!